Your Expected Concerns

1. Yes, the show is, at times, gruesome and violent.

We believe that these things are all portrayed as they might be in children's pantomime, puppet shows and cartoons.
We believe that these things have actually already been portrayed in children's pantomime, puppet shows and cartoons.
Our only extreme responses have come from adults.

2. Yes, the show is also quite spooky in parts.

The show is also quite clever, funny, sad, beautiful, silly and fun.
It is more often spooky, though, and apparently hilarious.
We don't want to give too much away here so do come along to see it for yourself.
Please feel free to send specific questions to

3. No, we have no accreditation, whatsoever, as children's entertainers.

4. No, the show contains no strong language.

5. No, the show contains no adult themes (naughty bits).

Why are we telling you this?

Although the show was not created for children, they sure seem to like it.
To our surprise,
children of all ages have immensely enjoyed performances by the Surgical Sideshow, even the gruesome stuff.
This did come as a slight surprise as the show was not created with children in mind at all.
Even so, the show is hugely imaginative, colourful, action packed and star two giant skeletons, robots and other weird things.
What is there not to like?
We know we would have been thrilled beyond imagining to see the Surgical Sideshow when we were children.
With all of this in mind, the Surgical Sideshow often performs matinée shows, just to make things a little easier.
The show will be exactly the same as it is performed on any other day so, if you are concerned (or just too curious to leave it alone), feel free to see a show yourself or send someone else to check it out.
Any questions should be addressed to